About Us


Founded in 2013, TEXES Telecom is a privately-held company with headquarters in Lucknow. With over 50 employees, TEXES Telecom is a major provider of telecom management systems, based on COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) for network monitoring, service assurance and customer experience information. Texes Telecom is a leading network solution provider for telecom operators to ensure superior network performance which increases customer satisfaction and thus, brings in more revenue. Texes Telecom’s near real-time analytical software allows telecommunication service degradations and network malfunctions to be quickly detected and appropriately resolved.

TEXES TELECOM being boutique of all the IT equipments and Products enables us to provide our clients with specialized, customized solutions and services that suits their needs and not the other way. The proximity with our clients and personalized approach of our account managers makes us the provider of choice for most clients.

TEXES strives to positively impact our clients, our stakeholders and the ecosystem we reside in by adhering to our central tenets of Teamwork, Integrity, People Orientation, Innovativeness, Customer driven nature and promoting security and well-being of all Information Technologies.