Dark Fiber

It’s called dark fibre when a fibre-optic connection isn’t in use. Fibre-optic connections are known as “dark fibre” because they carry light signals to and from their destinations.

As a result, dark fibre is dark because no light signals pass through it. When a fibre-optic cable is used, this is the polar opposite of “lit fibre.”

On the other hand, dark fibre is more than just “fibre that isn’t being used.” It wouldn’t become a dark fibre network if everyone on your neighborhood’s fibre-optic network suddenly stopped using the internet.

The cables must have no devices on either side to be considered “dark fibre.” It’s not just unconnected; it’s also waiting for someone to come along and use it.

Individuals may purchase and utilize dark fibre at a reasonable cost. On the other hand, businesses and other organisations are more likely to benefit from dark fibre bandwidth since their internet usage is higher. Thanks to black fibre, companies will also have nearly total control over their network infrastructure.

Dark fibre networks offer a large capacity and allow for reliable signal transmission. Data is sent through wires utilizing light pulses, and it may be found beneath.

Features & Benefits

Let’s explore the benefits of dark fibreone by one:

Improved Results

Superloop Dark Fibre offers a new level of network assurance, with latencies averaging half a millisecond per 100 kilometre and the ability to reliably support a wide range of business applications.

Enhanced Safety

It should go without saying that hosting your network on infrastructure where you are the only tenant provides a level of security that other network services struggle to match.


Another thing to keep in mind regarding Dark Fibre is that it’s practically the same as the German ‘Autobahn,’ only you’re on your own.


Dark Fibre is pure fibre infrastructure, allowing businesses to pick from various ‘technologies’ when constructing the network that best suits their needs.

Texes started providing Dark Fiber solutions in 2014. We have layed 300KM + Dark fiber in Lucknow City. Now We are providing dark fiber in multiple location where required as Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Faizabad, Prayagraj and many more. In these cities, we have successfully delivered 1000Km+ Dark Fiber including Over Head & Under Ground.
We are also providing fiber on lease to our valuable partners as Sify Technologies Limited, Bharti Airtel Limited, Tata Teleservices Pvt Ltd, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, Vodafone Idea Limited, Tikona Infinet Limited, and many more.
“Texes is ensuring you, We will provide maximum uptime as per SLA commitment.”